How to Create a Signature Style in 8 Easy Steps


We are not a Disney characters, but having a defined signature look will make your life much easier.

  1. Find your Signature Mantra. How do you want to feel? How does it look? What is the shape? For example, my signature mantra is: Feeling: elegant/comfortable | Feature: minimal | Fit: tailored/ ladylike. Try to avoid too generic words like: ‘individual’ or ‘chic’.
  2. Know your body type. Find out if you have a perfect hourglass-shaped body, pear, rectangle or apple. Next step is to find a celebrity with the same body shape and check what they’re wearing to look more proportional.
  3. Find some inspirations. Most of us use Pinterest on a daily basis. Find the style that suits you. If you have no idea how to start, check different keywords like: bohemian, classic, minimal, rock, luxurious, tailored, loose,…
  4. Keep your profession in mind. Try to avoid conflicts between your job and style. You are allowed to wear a floral jacket to the office, but keep the rest minimal (white shirt and black trousers or pencil skirt). If you’re a staying-at-home mam, you can still look and feel great – avoid old t-shirts, baggy clothes and stay away from sports wear.  Perfectly fitted jeans and long sleeve t-shirts are easy to wear.
  5. Important basics. Individually, they are simple, but mixed with more original pieces, they come into their own. Buy good quality basic clothes and try to avoid synthetic fabrics like polyester and acrylic.
  6. Upgrade with accessories. Handbags, shoes and jewellery – that’s what we all love. Don’t forget to play with silk scarves.
  7. Find your ‘me’ piece. ‘That’s so you!’ We all heard it more than once. Whether it’s a leather jacket, tailored pencil dress or red lipstick – if it feels like you and others identify you with that piece, keep wearing it.
  8. Limit trends. Pick only one or two styles that work best with your basics.




Did you know that most of us wear only 20% of our clothes 80% of the time?

My closet is full of work wear, but 80% of the time I’m wearing my favorite white shirt, black pencil skirt and heels. That’s what makes me feel comfortable and confident at work and it doesn’t matter if I’m meeting a client or photo shooting all day. I’m wearing trousers when I’m with kids. I like to mix jeans with shirts, white sweaters and my favorite navy blazer.

How would you describe your Signature Style?


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